Engineering Club 2014-2015

Meeting Dates and Lessons:

Core Samples

April 28, 2015-Challenge: Zip Line- Design and build something that can carry a Ping-Pong ball from the top of a zip line string to the bottom in four seconds (or less)
May 5, 2015- Challenge: Build a Crystal Radio- Research and build a radio receiver.
May 12, 2015- Challenge: Coring Machine- Design and build a machine that takes core samples from a potato.
May 19, 2015- Challenge: No meeting: (Take home project)- Balloon-powered car- Design and build a balloon-powered car that can travel the furthest distance.
May 26, 2015- Challenge: Derby & Build a Band and headphones- Design a build a musical instrument and create headphones to listen to the instrument.
June 2, 2015-Challenge: Mousetrap Cars- Design and build a vehicle using a mousetrap
June 9, 2015-Challenge: Derby & Touchdown- Design and build a shock-absorbing system that will protect two "astronauts" when they land
June 16, 2015-Challenge: Bristle Bots- Design and build a mini bot using a pager motor.

Engineering Club 2013-2014

Meeting Dates and Lessons:

April 1, 2014- Challenge: Oobleck- Create a mixture that is both a liquid and a solid and then make it "dance".
April 8, 2014- Challenge: Pencil Posture- Design a pencil to stand on its tip using only two pieces of wire and two clothespins and Gumdrop Dome- Build a dome with a five-sided base.
April 22, 2014- Challenge: Puff-moible- Design the fastest car using air power.
April 29, 2014- Challenge: Hidden Alarm- Design an alarm that you can turn on and off and is small enough to hide.
May 6, 2014- Challenge: Hoop Glider- Design a glider with circular wings.
May 13, 2014- Challenge: Robotics- Create a robot that can move objects
May 20, 2014- Challenge: Robotics- Create a robot that can push objects out of a playing field
May 25, 2014- To Be Announced

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Engineering Club 2012-2013


Meeting Dates and Lessons:

October 24, 2012- Tool Safety and Lego Design
November 28, 2012- Challenge: Paper Table- Design and build a table out of newspaper tubes.
December 19, 2012- Challenge: Touch Down- Design and build a shock-absorbing system.
January 30, 2013- Cancelled
February 27, 2013- Challenge: Marshmallow Towers- Design the tallest free-standing tower
March 27, 2013- Challenge: Watercraft- Design an unsinkable boat (postponed because of low member turn out)
April 24, 2013- Challenge: To Be Announced
May 29, 2013- Challenge: To Be Announced

Marshmallow Towers Challenge


Touch Down Challenge


Paper Table Challenge